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Robert Shetterly

'Fund Climate Solutions, Not Endless War': 22 Arrested Demanding US Build Windmills, Not Warships

"We engaged in civil resistance to underscore our conversion demand," said one of those arrested. Pentagon-funded shipyards "should be helping to solve the climate crisis, not building weapons that make the problem worse."

Jon Queally ·

Sorry, Critics Tell Warren, Greening US Empire's "Powerful War Machine" No Answer to Climate Crisis

"Fighting the climate crisis is not about enabling the largest and most powerful military in human history to be more efficient in its destructive missions."

Jessica Corbett ·

In the Shadow of Warships and the Climate Emergency: On Getting Arrested at Bath Iron Works

Too few people are connecting the dots between our gigantic military and the climate crisis. But if we love our children, if we love the miracle of life, and all our fellow species—we must make this connection clear.

Robert Shetterly ·

Thinking About George Washington's Teeth on MLK, Jr. Day

I wonder if we are all taught the story about the wooden teeth to cover up the story of the slaves' teeth. Perhaps Washington himself, ashamed of the truth, promoted the wooden teeth story.

Robert Shetterly ·

Concluding Lifetime of Dedicated Activism, Grace Lee Boggs Dies at Age 100

"I want my life to challenge people to think philosophically," she once said, "I want people to ask themselves and each other what time it is on the clock of the world."

Lauren McCauley ·

When Being Pro-Palestinian and Pro-Israeli Is the Same Thing

On why I painted physician, author, and peace activist Alice Rothchild

Robert Shetterly ·

The Time Has Come For Local Agriculture

On why I painted author, educator, and gardener Joan Gussow

Robert Shetterly ·

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Quality journalism. Progressive values. Direct to your inbox.