Julia Conley, staff writer
"Allowing a corporation to bottle our water just to sell it back to us is hardly an 'essential service.'"
Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Trump's EPA proposed Thursday increasing the allowable levels of atrazine in waterways.
"The pro-industry zealots now running the EPA's pesticide office are making a...
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
toxic coal ash
"This latest rollback would lead directly to more water contamination, more...


A judge in Wyoming has denied a lawsuit by environmental groups asking that the lists of chemicals in fracking fluids be made public, ruling those lists are trade secrets. Soooo: Never mind that toxins have already shown up in Wyoming tap water, an accident there last year contaminated groundwater, an accident in Pennsylvania spewed a quarter million gallons of toxic and possibly radioactive wastewater, a blowout in Texas, already worried about carcinogenic dust and groundwater, just destroyed...