Jessica Corbett, staff writer
wireless carriers
If the merger is allowed to move forward, critics warn, "consumers can expect to see higher prices, fewer choices, and less innovative offerings across the board."
Jon Queally, staff writer
Philanthropist Tom Steyer stands in front of one of the billboards he has funded in Times Square calling for the impeachment of President Donald Trump on November 20, 2017 in New York City. Steyer, an American hedge fund manager, environmentalist, progressive activist, and fundraiser announced Tuesday he is running for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination—the 25th person to officially do so. (Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
"Let's take our democracy back from corporations and special interests," says...
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
Demonstrators rally at the U.S. Supreme Court
"The Trump administration's attempt to politicize and manipulate this...