Eoin Higgins, staff writer
An earthquake hit southern California Thursday, centered in the town of Ridgecrest.
The 6.4 magnitude quake, centered in the southern California city of Ridgecrest, was felt 113 miles away in Los Angeles
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"At the moment, in our hospital, electricity is out all over Palu, roads are...
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"The U.S. has routinely offered to help the Iranian people in times of need...


A series of earthquakes rocked Oklahoma over the weekend, thus continuing an alarming trend: Already this year, the state's 252 quakes have "crushed" last year's record of 222 quakes. Similarly, Kansas, Texas, Arkansas and Ohio have seen a six-fold jump in quakes. In an odd coincidence, all those states have seen a surge in fracking activity. Huh. Weird. State officials are "trying to determine" if those two facts are linked; so far, they say, the evidence is "inconclusive." “If we shut down...