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Public Health Officials Urge Continued Caution as White House Hosts Fourth of July Gathering

"There's a disconnect between the cautious message of the White House Covid response team—that vaccinated people are safe but we need to still take precautions—and then a very public display of large crowds," said a former Obama administration official.

Julia Conley ·

'Same as Trump': Bolsonaro Issues Preemptive Election Fraud Claims in Brazil

One opposition lawmaker accused Brazil's far-right president of trying to "manipulate public opinion with false accusations."

Brett Wilkins ·

Though Evidence Is Lacking, US Media Give New Respect to Lab Leak Theory

Despite the sudden media enthusiasm for the lab leak theory, there remains as little compelling evidence that the virus escaped from a Chinese lab as there always has been.

Joshua Cho ·

Ultra-Contagious Covid Delta Variant 'Wreaking Havoc' Worldwide

"This is devastating. And it didn't have to happen. The world urgently needs a People's Vaccine."

Jake Johnson ·

The Best Defense Against the Delta Variant Is to End Vaccine Apartheid

While this inequity persists, none of us will truly be safe.

Amy Goodman ·

Examining the Origins of Covid-19 and Preventing Future Pandemics

An international and independent investigation to examine the alternative hypotheses is urgently needed, and the U.S. and Chinese governments should cooperate fully and transparently with such an inquiry.

Jeffrey D. Sachs ·

Dire Warnings as Covid Delta Variant Runs Rampant in Unvaccinated Missouri

"If people elsewhere in the country are looking to us and saying, 'No thanks' and they are getting vaccinated, that is good," said one health official in Missouri. "We will be the canary."

Jake Johnson ·

US Lawmakers Demand EU 'Do the Right Thing or Get Out of the Way' on Covid-19 Vaccine Patent Waivers

"A global recovery requires a global response based on health needs—not Big Pharma," said Congressman Jesús "Chuy" García at a rally.

Brett Wilkins ·

Progressives Say 30-Day Eviction Moratorium Extension 'Not Enough'

"This only puts more pressure on our country to find a permanent solution to the housing crisis," said Rep. Ro Khanna. "We can't keep kicking the can down the road."

Brett Wilkins ·

US and Israel Vote 'No' as 184 Nations Condemn American Blockade of Cuba

"The U.N. vote... on Cuba was a chance for President Biden to show global leadership," said CodePink co-founder Medea Benjamin. "He failed miserably."

Brett Wilkins ·

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