Brady Campaign

Jessica Corbett, staff writer
"Secretary DeVos is just admitting what we knew all along—that the Trump administration's pledge to keep kids safe from gun violence was not serious," said one gun control advocate
Julia Conley, staff writer
At least nine people were killed in a shooting at Santa Fe High School in Santa Fe, Texas on Friday morning.
"Over and over again, American kids are marched out of schools because their...


A year after the Parkland slaughter, a hopeful sliver of light with the Dems' passage of a background check bill, the first progress in years. Alas, it comes not a gut-wrenching moment too soon: Since Parkland, nearly 1,200 more kids - roughly, inconceivably a Parkland every five days - were gunned down in our bloodstained country. The Trace chose to tell their stories to render them, not numbers, but "human beings with rich (if achingly short) histories." May they rest in peace and power.