Families Against Mandatory Minimums

By advocating for sensible state and federal sentencing reform, FAMM helps: Mitigate the taxpayer burden of overcrowded prisons; Shift resources from excess incarceration to law enforcement and other programs proven to reduce crime and recidivism; and Mobilize the thousands whose lives are adversely affected by unfair sentences to work constructively for change.

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Tuesday, November 05, 2013
Report Finds Substantial Cost Savings in Modest Mandatory Sentencing Reforms
FAMM general counsel, Mary Price, said a new nonpartisan report published today shows that modest mandatory minimum sentencing law reform could save billions of taxpayer dollars, funding which would be better spent on federal programs and personnel that target violent crime. The report, published by the Urban Institute, provides conservative estimates of financial savings that could be achieved by several proposals pending in Congress, including the Justice Safety Valve Act, S. 619/H.R. 1695.
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