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What Does The West Owe Afghanistan?

Eric Margolis: The US and NATO must cease military operations and negotiate with Taliban pt4/4


In the riveting final segment of Senior Editor Paul Jay's discussion with Eric Margolis, the question is discussed: what does the West owe Afghanistan? Margolis is the author of 'American Raj', a book that explores how the West can reconcile with the Muslim world. In this segment, Margolis outlines what his advice would be to Obama regarding Afghanistan.

Margolis believes success in Afghanistan requires 'real' negotiations with the Taliban. The 'fake' negotiations that are currently being proposed are designed to split the Taliban into factions and to aid the US occupation. Margolis suggests several actions that should occur in Afghanistan. First, the US should declare a ceasefire. Second, the US should declare a conference involving all national factions to discuss the future of Afghanistan. Margolis sees futility in attempting to impose a centrally-controlled government in Afghanistan due to its history of regional, tribal leaderships.

Upon discussing what the West owes Afghanistan, Margolis does not mince words. The West needs to stop bombing villages, stop dealing with a government that has become the largest drug dealer in the world, and stop arresting people and having them tortured. 'What we're doing is wrong,' Margolis states. He believes operations in Afghanistan must end before it is destroyed and before it blows Pakistan apart

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