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Police Seeking Two Suspects After Bombing of Indian Restaurant in Canada

"A bomb went off at an Indian restaurant in Mississauga, and authorities say it’s not terror related? If Canadians of Indian ethnicity were specifically targeted, this is terrorism."

Police stand outside the Bombay Bhel restaurant in Mississauga, Ont. on Friday May 25, 2018. Fifteen people were injured Thursday night when an explosion police say was caused by an "improvised explosive device" ripped through a restaurant in Mississauga, Ontario. (Photo: Doug Ives / The Canadian Press)

Nobody was killed, but fifteen people were injured by an explosion and police in Mississauga, Ontario are looking for two suspects who bombed an Indian restaurant Thursday evening.

"There were two individuals seen entering and detonating the device and two individuals that were seen fleeing the restaurant," Const. Iryna Yashnyk told reporters at the scene.

Police image shows two suspects alleged to be involved in the detonation of an explosive device at a Bombay Bhel restaurant in Mississauga. (Photograph: Peel regional police)

According to Sgt Matt Bertram, who also spoke to reporters, "Nothing was said by these individuals. It appears they just went in, dropped off this device, and took off right away."

The Canadian Press reported descriptions of the two suspects as follows: "The first is light skinned, in his mid-20s, five-foot-ten to six feet tall, with a stocky build and was wearing dark blue jeans, a dark zippered hoodie and a baseball cap at the time of the explosion. The second suspect is fair-skinned, five-foot-nine to five-foot-ten, with a thin build, and was wearing faded blue jeans, and a dark zipped hoodie."

While the target of the attack was an Indian restaurant and at least some of the victims were Indian-Canadians, Bertram said the police, at least at this point in their investigation, "have no indication to call it a hate crime or any kind of terrorism act."

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