Strikes Pound Pakistan in Obama's Ongoing Drone War

A series of strikes in South Waziristan continue Obama's clandestine drone war on Pakistan. (Photo: White House/Pete Souza)

Strikes Pound Pakistan in Obama's Ongoing Drone War

At least 10 reported killed in latest casualties of clandestine war

A series of drone attacks killed at least 10 people on Sunday in a continuation of the Obama administration's drone war on Pakistan.

Corporate media reports say the attack included missiles targeting three compounds that were hideouts that held militants or Taliban fighters in the South Waziristan region of Pakistan.

But exactly who has died, let alone why they were targeted, in this most recent attack is as yet unclear.

"We are not sure who was killed on the ground, whether they were indeed militants as claimed by the intelligence sources," Al Jazeera's Kamal Hyder reports. "Normally, there are civilian casualties as well, particularly when compounds and houses are hit."

The drone strikes have been furiously condemned in the country, and on Saturday thousands of Pakistanis protested over strikes on Thursday that killed Mullah Nazir, reportedly a top leader in the Pakistani Taliban.

Thursday's attacks also included a missile strike that appears to have targeted rescuers.

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