'The Time to Choose Sides on Climate Change Is Now'

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'The Time to Choose Sides on Climate Change Is Now'

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As the devastation from "superstorm" Sandy continues for millions, Up host Chris Hayes urged viewers on Saturday that the time to choose sides on climate change is now.

While "we want our government first and foremost to keep us safe," it has neglected to heed warnings from climate scientists and the manifestations of climate change we have seen in extreme weather events.

"The first thing a competent government must do is protect its citizens." "Yet," says Hayes, and as the climate silence during presidential campaign has highlighted, "here we sit with a political system that can barely bring itself to acknowledge or discuss the tangible danger climate change poses to us, never mind undertake the massive, sustained effort necessary to combat and adapt to it."

What is needed, Hayes says, is immediate action to confront the events like Hurricane Sandy that human caused climate change have ensured will be upon us.  A "crash program" is in order to bring about the transformation in infrastructure and energy the new climate necessitates.

"We absolutely have it within us, collectively, to beat back the forces of chaos once again. But we must choose to do so," urges Hayes.  "And the time for choosing is now. You are either on the side of your fellow citizens and residents of this planet, or you are on the side of the storms as yet unnamed."

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