Occupy New Hampshire Derides Both Parties

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Occupy New Hampshire Derides Both Parties

'Why Does 1% Have Two Parties and We Have None?'


Occupy New Hampshire outside Republican Presidential Debate at St. Anselm's College. (Jonathan Lynch)

All political eyes were on New Hampshire this weekend, and members of the Occupy movement hoped to take advantage of the swirl of coverage ahead of Tuesday's Republican Party primary, the first of this election year.

From New Hampshire Public Radio:

Members of Occupy New Hampshire returned to Manchester Saturday to demonstrate outside of the Republican Presidential Debate at St. Anselm's College and spread their message of economic inequality.

Nearly five months after Occupy New Hampshire’s last tents were torn down in Veteran’s Park, the ninety-nine percenters returned to Manchester to demonstrate against what they perceive to be growing economic inequality across the nation.

This time around, though, protesters hope to garner the attention of the national media, who have descended on New Hampshire for the first in the nation primary.

According to Occupy organizer, Michael Grosse, they’re already succeeding:

“Well I think we’ve already gotten a lot of coverage when you really think about it...When a group of about 30 people being able to get national press attention for an event, that’s an accomplishment right there.”

CNN reports today:

Occupy protestors know that many Republicans view them as an extension of the Democratic Party. Elizabeth Grunewald tried to dispel that notion by speaking with folks who are willing to stop and listen to what the group has to say.

"You can't have a slogan that says we are the 99% without including Republicans also," said Grunewald. "It's not aligned with the Democratic Party. It's aligned with the free thinking party."

Doug Bowen tried to sway voters while holding a sign that read "Why does the 1 percent have 2 parties but we have none?"

He said his message to the candidates and voters is "Get money out of politics, pass a constitutional amendment to ban corporate personhood and have publicly funded elections. It's the only way the 99% will get represented rather than the 1%."

There has not been any friction between the people in the small encampment and local police. But there has been plenty of debate on the sidewalks.

Last night, outside of the GOP Presidential at St. Anselm's College, protesters gathered to make their voices heard. Among their calls, "How do you fix the deficit? End the wars and tax the rich!" Patch.com has video:



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