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Monday, April 6, 2009
You See What You See: Helen Levitt
Helen Levitt, street photographer and documentarian of hard times, died last week at 95. These days, we could have used her.
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Under the Dastardly Guise of – Quote – Volunteerism
Whoah. Now GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann says Obama will create "re-education camps" for young people if he signs the Edward Kennedy Serve America Act, which would expand the AmeriCorps community service program. "I believe there is a very strong chance we will see young people put into mandatory service....There are provisions for what I would call re-education camps, where young people have to go and get trained in a philosophy that the government puts forward."
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Sorta Funny, But Also Not: Curb the Demented Right
With Limbaugh et al making much noise, a cogent call from The British Observer to denounce a right-wing machine intent on blocking all things progressive. Thoughtful opposition is one thing; "murderous hate-filled rhetoric and stupidity of the highest calibre" is another. "Hold (Obama's) feet to fire when he appears to forget his roots, but it is...important that Democrats stand up to this nonsense. Hate speech should be called out for what it is. Let the right-wing lunatics understand they don’t surround you: you surround them. If they surrounded you, they would have had more votes."
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The Fruits of Escalation
If any of us needed a portent of things to come, how chillingly apt the arrival of the first casket viewed by the public after the lifting of an 18-year media ban came from the newest war. Air Force Staff Sgt. Phillip Myers of Hopewell, Va. was killed in Afghanistan and came home Sunday to Dover Air Force Base. Vice-President Joe Biden had said the coffins from both wars were being "snuck back into the country." Now that they're not, how many more will we have to see?
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Saturday, April 4, 2009
Leadership Needed Now
With some Democrats caving this week to Republican and industry pressure to block climate change legislation, CREDO is urging President Obama to approve an EPA "endangerment finding" and move on his own to regulate carbon emissions. To sign their petition on global warming, go here
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Whew, Now We Feel Better About the State of the World
It's always reassuring to hear that Congresswoman Michelle "I'm Not Crazy – Really" Bachmann is on the job. Working overtime to foil a non-existent plot, the Minnesota Republican has drummed up 34 co-sponsors for her effort to amend the Constitution to forbid replacing the dollar as America's currency. Guess how many of the 34 are Republican? To find out go here
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Hedging Bets
White House economic adviser Lawrence Summers made over $5 million as director of a hedge fund and almost $3 million in speaking fees from banks and Wall Street firms last year, according to disclosure forms released Friday.
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Friday, April 3, 2009
Caterpillar Redux
Angry French workers at a Caterpillar plant released four managers they had held hostage for 24 hours after President Nicolas Sarkozy intervened and the company agreed to reopen negotiations on planned layoffs. The union workers, who barricaded the executives in their office after talks broke down, brought food in but subjected the bosses to – mon Dieu! – revolutionary rock music.
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Investigating Gaza
The UN has appointed Richard Goldstone, a South African judge and former war crimes prosecutor, to lead an investigation into alleged violations of international law in Gaza during Israel's assault. "It's in the interest of the victims," he said. "It brings acknowledgment of what happened to them. "
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The Next Campaign?
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