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Thursday, April 23, 2020
The Clorox Presidency: Lord Help Others To See the Truth!
It seems the origin story on Dr. Trump's latest, lunatic, light-and-Lysol cure is as bonkers as...everything else. Days earlier, he got a letter from the "archbishop" of the "Genesis II Church of Health and Healing," whose founder says he's a billion-year-old alien and which claims drinking its "sacramental Miracle Mineral Solution" - industrial bleach - cures AIDS, cancer, and now COVID-19. The feds just shut them down, but the Church of Bleach pleads, " Please pray for us." Umm, we think not.
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The Best People, Also Labradoodles
We take heart in the stellar team leading us in the current crisis, from the mad king to the new racist DHHS spokesman to one Brian Harrison, a former Texas dog breeder with no public health experience who it turns out Azar tapped to head the federal coronavirus task force, which maybe explains the weeks-long delays in testing and social distancing that experts say could have prevented 90% of the early deaths. Still, if you wanna know anything about Australian Labradoodles, he's your guy.
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Tuesday, April 21, 2020
First Do No Harm, Or Wait Maybe Just A Little If It's Good For Our Ratings
So much for Dr. 'What-Do-We-Have-To-Lose' Trump's "miracle" cure for coronavirus. To the surprise of nobody with a modicum of common sense and faith in science, a study has found the malaria drug hydroxychloroquine not only didn't benefit COVID-19 patients, but killed many of them. And an expert panel has recommended against using hydroxychloroquine combined with azithromycin - another Trump fave - because it can cause cardiac arrest. Let the rewriting of history begin.
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Monday, April 20, 2020
On Badass Nurses: I Want My Death To Make You Angry
Amidst a frenzied rise of anti-lockdown, pro-stupidity protests for the all-American right to die for stubborn ignorance - "Jesus Is My Vaccine" - a Minnesota nurse wrote a searing letter about daily reeling through the stages of grief, from anger at a broken health system to bleak acceptance she may die of COVID-19. If she does, she says, don't talk heroes or angels. Use her murder by negligence and greed to "shame those who have profited or failed to act....Use it as fuel to demand change."
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Saturday, April 18, 2020
Unnecessary Death and Disaster: We Hold These Truths To Be Self-Evident
The fatal blunders, and ugly feints to cover them, are still coming - masks sent to China, failure to test, the fomenting of reckless mutinies, the ceaseless scapegoating and corruption and vanity. Nancy Pelosi, with no fucks left to give, has called it all out in a scorching letter, urging Americans to move past the lies of "a weak person, a poor leader" with blood on his stubby hands to save ourselves: "We must speak the truth, we must insist on the truth and we must and will act upon it."
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Friday, April 17, 2020
Birth Of A Nation Redux
Wow. So okay then. Skipping the polite part, Trump and his team of racist cretins are going full-on Nazi out of the gate with their first ad, whose scary brown guys Biden won't deport are supposedly MS-13 gang members here - like the thousands of moms and kids in cages - but are actually prisoners in Central America. Nice work guys: Seems racism and fear-mongering is all you got. Maya Angelou: When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time." Also, the despicable 8,746th time.
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Wednesday, April 15, 2020
Be Like Ben and Mindy: On Hope and Love and Getting Through
Picture from a pandemic: Here's Ben Cayer and Mindy Brock, married fellow nurse anesthetists, showing us how it's done. They spend their days placing breathing tubes in emergency surgery patients, any of whom may have COVID-19. One morning, they bickered about the radio station and the dishes at home. Later, between surgeries, they remembered what they forgot. Brock: "What's important is that we stick together, we work together...Not just Ben and I, but the human race right now."
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Tuesday, April 14, 2020
Enough: The Women of the Pandemic Are Not Here For Your Bullshit
Despite unending insanity at the top, we take hope and inspiration from the little-noted supremacy of so many women in so many roles facing off against the current apocalypse - national leaders whose response has been most effective; largely female frontline workers from nurses to grocery clerks; women fighting for a beleaguered right to choose; women journalists vociferously defying the lies and bluster. PBS' Yamiche Alcindor: " Stay focused. Remember your purpose. And always press forward."
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Monday, April 13, 2020
The Best People: Trump Appoints Inept Band of Morons to Re-Open the Country, Governors Say Not So Fast
Having blithely left states in the lurch but now insisting he gets to tell them what to do, Trump has chosen a ragged collection of zealots, relatives and sycophants with no actual skills - and no health expert among them - to decide when we have to die for late-stage capitalism. Horrified Americans said putting Javanka and their corrupt ilk in charge is like a bad episode of Gilligan's Island; fed-up East and West coast governors went further, and announced their own (competent) groups.
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Sunday, April 12, 2020
Murderous Fail After Fail
On Sunday, as U.S. coronavirus cases hit over half a million and deaths soared past 22,000, Trump spent the day rage-tweeting and declaring, "I am working hard to expose the corruption and dishonesty in the Lamestream Media," because it's not like there's anything else he should be doing even though the New York Times , Dr. Fauci, lawmakers, health experts and other media are still revealing horrifying new " epic failures" that made the pandemic more deadly than it had to be. Happy Easter.
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