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Sunday, July 12, 2020
Mass Death By Public Policy: We Are All Grieving
The bodies mount, as do the lethal lies, feints, deflections from our "genocidal gaslighting ghoul." As COVID cases soar - Florida's grim record of 15,000 new cases in a day marks a 1,237% hike - Trump slings mud at Fauci, suppresses vital info, babbles cheery hokum and quotes conspiracy theories. Meanwhile, front line medical workers "bear witness to the absolute devastation," from inflamed airways to grieving families. Their message: The horror must be seen , and "I am not your fucking hero."
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Friday, July 10, 2020
Scuzzy Crook Frees Scuzzy Crook
Mob Boss Strikes Again: In another gobsmackingly venal but entirely unsurprising move, Trump just commuted - even better than pardon! - the sentence of longtime henchman and Nixon fanboy Roger Stone, because even though Stone was convicted by a jury on seven felony counts of hiding the grim fact Russia owns us now, what really matters is he knows where the bodies are, and could tell unless... This is not a democracy; it's a crime syndicate, increasingly brazen. Most. Corrupt. Ever. Also: VOTE.
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Thursday, July 9, 2020
Welcome cracks in - if not the devoutly-to-be-wished end of - the malignant morass that is Trump's "imperial presidency," with the SCOTUS ruling he'll have to reveal his tax scams and cons because "no one – not even a president – is above the law.” He was still having a Twitter meltdown when a judge also said not so fast on dismissing the case against Michael Flynn because, again, pesky law. Oh yeah, and New York just painted a huge Black Lives Matter in front of his sleazy house. Not a bad day.
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Tuesday, July 7, 2020
John Prine as Tender Poet: The Best That I Could Do
Months after the grievous loss of John Prine - songwriter's songwriter, good ole boy of wit and grace, beloved best friend to glad thousands he'd never met - his home state of Illinois has named him their first Honorary Poet Laureate. It's another bittersweet twist in a bitter year: His last song, "I Remember Everything," also just became his first Billboard #1 hit. The song is pure Prine, as lustrous and clear as the waters of Lake Marie. Sweet revenge for a Handsome Johnny, much missed.
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Monday, July 6, 2020
Together Against Evil Personified
Because it's not Russia or corruption or the pandemic, Trump just launched an attack "breathtaking even by (his) usual standards" on NASCAR's Bubba Wallace for not apologizing for the noose found hanging in his garage - an event that prompted 39 good ol' white boys to push their only black colleague's car to the start of a race to declare, "We are one family." Though he's utterly failed to get the memo, the vast outrage at Trump's racist atrocity confirms times are changing.
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Saturday, July 4, 2020
An Unholy License
This beleaguered Fourth evokes the searing words of Frederick Douglass, a black man furiously recounting to his white audience "the immeasurable distance between us," the day exposing "your shouts of liberty and equality" as "hollow mockery...mere bombast, fraud, deception." In this historic moment, Daveed Diggs - "Hamilton"'s Thomas Jefferson - reads from Douglass to images of a still-racist America, asking, "Where is the country where my people are safe?"
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Friday, July 3, 2020
Ha Ha: Rotten to the Core
Four Colorado cops and sick fucks just got fired for thinking it was hilarious to replicate choking a helpless young black man to death, taking photos and giving them to a fellow cop "to cheer him up" - a grisly move Elijah McClain's family compared to proud mobs taking photos of their Jim Crow lynchings. The "disgusted" police chief said the firings show "the culture has been reset," but the cops' union grotesquely whined they violate officers’ "due process" - so not just yet.
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Tweet, Donny, Tweet!
Kudos to the Dem activists and hive minds of Defeat by Tweet, a new super PAC that makes Trump pay for every vile, lying, racist scrap of bile he spews - with black social justice groups gifted his unwitting largesse. For every tweet, you can donate a few cents to organizers in swing states; a million people giving 2¢ a pop for his roughly 30 tweets a day nets $18 million a month to beat him and save democracy. Oh sweet, pricey accountability. Maybe "the blacks" really will love him now.
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Thursday, July 2, 2020
Going Full Nazi (Again)
Wow. The dog whistle's become a fog horn these dark and threatening days with Trump's new re-election merch: An "America First" - whiff of fascism here - t-shirt that looks queasily, uncannily like the Iron Eagle, the symbol of the Nazi Party. " It’s not an accident," wrote Bend the Arc, which also caught the recent concentration-camp-style red triangles. "Bigotry is their entire brand." And yes, there are eagle images - U.S. seal, Marines - that aren't Nazi symbols.
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Tuesday, June 30, 2020
Protest In Harmony for Elijah McClain - Until Rioting Cops Teargas His Violin Vigil
This weekend, thousands gathered in Colorado for a Violin Vigil to honor Elijah McClain, who was killed by police for being black and thus "suspicious." In "an absolutely surreal scene," riot police began attacking the crowd with pepper spray and rubber bullets. Then a lone violin wailed - Tupac’s “Changes” - and stopped the chaos. Jeff Hughes: "I knew that music was the biggest weapon" - at least till the news cops had gleefully re-enacted the murder and "somehow (found) a new low."
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