Mugshot of disgraced former president Donald Trump

Slobfather mugshot and hallelujah

Photo by Fulton County Sheriff's Office via Getty

Long Time Coming: Prisoner Number P01135809​

Oh yeah. The way-too-long awaited and historic mug shot of Donald J. Trump, now listed in the Fulton County Jail database as prisoner number P01135809, has been released to joyful applause by beleaguered Americans who never thought we'd get here. We thank God, Fani Willis, Jack Smith and all the other tireless, principled defenders of democracy who ignored the toxic lies, threats, feints and bluster to teach a lifetime crook what happens when you fuck around and find out.

The pointedly, theatrically glowering image - Never Surrender! except four times - was released Thursday evening after Trump was booked at the Fulton County Jail on 13 felony counts stemming from his efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election in Georgia, even though no other sentient being wanted him to be president. He and 18 other lowlife perps had been ordered to turn themselves in by Friday at the notoriously grim jail where DOJ officials just opened an investigation after “credible allegations that an incarcerated person died covered in insects and filth."

A famed germaphobe, Trump alas didn't stay long enough during fingerprinting, in-take of lies and close-up to encounter the insects or filth. But in his fourth criminal indictment and history's first-ever mugshot - a malignant image that will presumably evolve into his presidential portrait, such as it is - Trump was charged by a Fulton County grand jury on Aug. 14 of crimes ranging from racketeering to conspiring to commit forgery to filing false documents. He now faces 91 felony charges - 44 federal and 47 state - that could carry a staggering 641 years in prison, and yes we hope he gets to serve all of them.

Americans unspeakably weary of his lifelong, racist, bullying, criminal entitlement - and what Joy Reid painfully recalls as its thoughtless, enduring damage to people of color and so many others - celebrated Trump Arrestmas by creating their own giddy #TrumpMugShot for posterity. Enticingly, news reports said the trial is now scheduled to start March 4, 2024, a day before primary elections in several states; in a blessed bonus, they also said that under Georgia law, which allows cameras in courtrooms, it will likely be televised. Talk about arc of the moral universe. To the two-bit, lock-her-up mobster: How does it feel.

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