Black and white  campaign ad with Trump closeup.

The SlobFather speaks, as in, threatens.

Screenshot of Trump 2024 campaign ad

If You Fuck Around With Us

Ooof. We're somewhat speechless with revulsion but nonetheless feel a compunction to point out that a former mob boss "president," leading GOP contender for the once-venerated presidency, and multi-indicted - five at last count - grifter and sociopath is still not only free but posting dark, baneful, apocalyptic threats to law enforcement and anyone else who stands in his malignant way. His barbs are accompanied by the sound of alien tripods killing people in Spielberg's "War of the Worlds." Nothing to see here.

The latest atrocity from the former guy comes via his lame Truth (sic) Social site, where he "re-truthed" (sic) a video posted July 18 by a user named AmericanAF (sic), which his/her/their/its bio says is the "OFFICIAL MAGA by veterans." Okay then. The video features a menacing close-up of Trump's face - our deepest apologies - with his re-election logo and sinister audio of him snarling, “If you fuck around with us, if you do something bad to us, we are going to do things to you that have never been done before.” There's also a creepy soundtrack that is, it turns out, the horn sound that deadly alien tripods make in Steven Spielberg's 2005 film "War of the Worlds" when they begin killing person after person, turning them to gray dust with laser-like weapons. @AmericanAF's text above the video reads, "We aren't afraid of them." Another appreciative fan, DC draino, also shared the video with, "This mentality is why I’m voting for him. He recognizes the moment. No more weakness."

The moment, it's true, seems key. While Trump shared the sound-bite without comment or context, it comes from a 2020 interview with Rush Limbaugh, who'd asked him about Iran. Cue quintessentially witless, bullying, sputtering, complete with its by-now-fatuously-stale "never-before" theme. His resurrecting it, though, does come at a seminal time as he faces long-overdue, thank-you-Jack-Smith-and-dedicated-prosecutors-everywhere legal challenges on all sides. October saw his and his evil spawns' civil business-fraud trial, January his second federal civil trial for raping, then defaming Jean Carroll; upcoming are a federal criminal espionage/sedition/obstruction of justice trial in Florida, a state hush-money criminal trial, likely state election-fraud tampering trials in Georgia and D.C., and a civil federal trial for vitamin-selling fraud, his middle name. All with their attendant, spitting-mad, death-and-havoc threats to prosecutors, judges, election workers, and any other real or imagined "enemies" within sight.

The most lethal right now is the supremely competent Jack Smith - especially with recent reports that under a third "surprise" statute in the federal grand jury probe, Smith could link fraud charges to Jan. 6 to call for "enhanced penalties." (Oh boy!) Asked this week about the possibility Smith might seek jail time for him and his mountain of crimes just like any four-bit mobster, Trump blathered and bristled, "I think it’s a very dangerous thing to even talk about, because we do have a tremendously passionate group of voters..." Hey, you know what else is a very dangerous thing? The possibility this sick, crooked, vengeful, inept racketeer gets anywhere near power - anywhere, like mopping up spilled piss in a Congressional bathroom to chat with actual lawmakers on the sly - is "an existential one for American democracy (from) which there is no escaping." This is (still) not normal. And while we know you don't want to see/hear/think about him - God knows we're with you - he calls 2024 "the final battle" and it could be. So yeah, fuck around with us and find out.

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