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Taylor with her very dignified bus. Twitter photo from Kandiss Taylor campaign.

Demolishing the Demonic Plans of Our Enemy, and Can We Get An Amen

Abby Zimet

Things are bleak, but we put our hope in Georgia's gubernatorial candidate Kandiss "Jesus Guns Babies" Taylor, who like a fierce cross (thank you Jesus) between Ayn Rand, Elmer Gantry and Bill Hader's Stefon, has vowed to push out elitists and solar farms, stand up to the Luciferian Cabal, bring the Satanic Regime to its knees and end "the perversions of the furry culture," especially after one killed all those people in Buffalo. She fits right in at next week's GOP Georgia primary. In 2018, their candidate campaigned in a "deportation bus" - "Fill this bus with illegals" - before going to jail for insurance fraud; this year's candidates are all fighting to out-trash the "woke mob." The front-runner is incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp; behind him is Trump-endorsed David Perdue; Taylor's in third place, and endorsed by Roger Stone and the Pillow Guy, so what could go wrong? Polls show her with up to 5% of the vote, but her fans call those numbers "an outrage," "totally illegal!" and a plot by the ghost of Hugo Chavez: "These evil people will stop at nothing!" Also, one suggests the "global pandemic treaty will be amended this month, and it will be used by the WHO to prevent the elections." But if they're held, she'll definitely win.

A Georgia native and "educator," she writes that when she earned a PhD in counseling she was inspired (sic) by commencement speaker Ben Carson's notion of "citizen servants," and "felt led by the Lord to run for office because I won’t bend my knee to tyranny." She says "we have a fraudulent pedophile in the White House" so we need "a full forensic audit" of the 2020 election; we must "take dominion over what God's given us" to "evict the Devil and global elitists," including Soros; she's "not a big women’s empowerment person," but "I belong to Jesus - I'm bought and paid for with His blood." On Georgia: "We love each other...We stop for funerals." On our biggest problems: Gas prices, the 2020 election, masks and mandates, solar farms: "Who's making the money? (Are we) in deals with China? And the land is going to be feral (sic) because of the chemicals." On police: "I want to see communities take themselves back...In inner cities, stop the crime and breaking in windows and killing the elderly." On guns: "That's how we're free...Show me the research where crimes are committed with armed people." Does she want CRT, social-emotional learning, sex education in schools? "Absolutely not. It teaches oppression, communism and sexual perversion."

Her campaign bus, unveiled in February, spoke volumes. So did the breathless announcement earlier this month of an "Executive Order 10" that would "rock the nation." And it did. Declaring herself "the ONLY candidate bold enough to stand up to the Luciferian Cabal," she vowed, "I will bring the Satanic Regime to its knees - and DEMOLISH the Georgia Guidestones." Said Guidestones are a large, weird, Stonehenge-like monolith erected in 1980 by some eccentric who evidently thought the world was ending. It's inscribed with tenets: Maintain humanity in balance with nature. Rule passion with tempered reason. Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts. Prize truth, beauty, love, seeking harmony with the infinite. Be not a cancer on the Earth - Leave room for nature. Most are reasonable, but open to interpretation. QAnon cranks decided it's a Satanic monument to human sacrifice revealing the evil plans of the New World Order. In a feverish video, Taylor goes there: Vaccines, the unborn, lockdowns, humiliation rituals, the Global Luciferian Regime: "They told us it was coming. It's a battle far greater than what we see in (unintelligible)." And on her first day as Governor, "I will move to DEMOLISH the Demonic plans of our enemy. The Satanic agenda is NOT welcome in our state." Can we get an Amen?

Even cooler than how "we will not be kneeling ourselves to a globalist Luciferian regime that has overtaken our nation," Taylor vows, "The furry days are over when I'm governor." As noted on the radio program of wingnut Stew Peters, "The Feds knew about the (Buffalo) shooter, who was a mentally-disturbed 'furry,' and they let it happen... A sick and demented furry did it." He noted that the shooter had posted a cartoon dog on his livestream and gratefully added, "When Kandiss Taylor is elected governor, GA will be furry-free." Taylor echoed him on Facebook, noting that, even before the massacre, she'd written an "executive order" for a dress code that would ban "furry" attire, but "received blowback for tackling the perversions of the furry culture." Shame on the blowbackers: "Twisting the minds of Generation Z MUST END!" Her fans shrieked in outraged agreement: Litter boxes! Students can answer questions with a meow or woof! There's a furry dating show! Father God, please make these crooked paths STRAIGHT for Your Glory in the Mighty Name of Jesus! It's a false flag from the CIA! They want to cause "division's" and they want our GUNS! GOD HELP US TURN FROM WICKED WAYS! This is TOO MUCH! Man, we know, right? Holy mother of God, we can't wait for blessed, bonkers, theocratic governance by Republicans.

Abby Zimet

Abby Zimet

Abby Zimet has written CD's Further column since 2008. A longtime, award-winning journalist, she moved to the Maine woods in the early 70s, where she spent a dozen years building a house, hauling water and writing before moving to Portland. Having come of political age during the Vietnam War, she has long been involved in women's, labor, anti-war, social justice and refugee rights issues. Email:

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