William Copeland

William Copeland is an environmental justice activist, educator, and MC from Detroit. He works for East Michigan Environmental Action Council as their Climate Justice Director, organizing their Just Transition campaigns. He served as one of the local coordinators for the 2010 US Social Forum organizing to host 20,000+ activists and community change agents. Copeland serves on the board of the US Solidarity Economy Network and the Detroit Recordings Company.

Articles by this author

Tuesday, February 03, 2015
From Climate Oppression to 21st-Century Leadership: What Will the New Black Economy Look Like?
I still remember the shock when Kanye West blurted "George Bush don't like Black people" during the nationwide Red Cross fundraiser. Even more, images of Black people stranded, swimming, struggling on roofs are still branded onto my memory. I remember how our people were packed into the Superdome...
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