Vanessa Fajans-Turner

Vanessa is the Managing Director for SDG Financing for the Sustainable Development Solutions Network. She is also an advisor to the Avatar Alliance Foundation, a climate and energy grant-making organization established by filmmaker James Cameron.

She previously served for seven years on the Foundation’s leadership team, during which period she worked in additional related roles, including in production for both seasons of National Geographic’s Emmy Award-winning documentary series, Years of Living Dangerously, and its feature film DEEPSEA CHALLENGE 3D about an historic expedition to explore the ocean’s deepest-known point. Concurrent with this work, Vanessa consulted to CAMERON | PACE Group as it launched its Chinese joint venture, spending multiple months in China to advise on company operations, strategy and partnerships.

Articles by this author

Sunday, June 30, 2019
Why Calling Bernie Sanders a 'Radical' Is Nonsense
As the Democratic candidates for president continue to roll out policy positions, many pundits are classifying them as centrists (such as former Vice President Joe Biden) and radicals (such as Senator Bernie Sanders and a few others). But let's not confuse semantics and substance. Voters want and...
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