Tom Buurman

Tom Buurman is a PhD Candidate in Media- and Communication, Stockholm University
He holds a Master of Science in Global Studies (specialising in Human Ecology) from the University of Gothenburg and a Bachelor in Journalism from the University of Applied Sciences Windesheim. Buurman’s  dissertation project explores climate change in the everyday lives of residents in Stockholm and Amsterdam. By giving voice to the “climate stories” of individuals, I shed light on the transformative power of climate change and how it is used for interpretation and mobilization through an everyday micro-level perspective.

Articles by this author

Monday, August 07, 2017
The Thawing Arctic Beyond Flags
Something remarkable happened in the Arctic ten years ago. On August 2 2007, two small submarines planted a titanium Russian flag on the seabed of the North Pole. First met with ridicule and scorn, the image of the flag and the accompanying story quickly became a symbol of a new geopolitical race...
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