Stephen Bradberry

Stephen Bradberry is Executive Director of Alliance Institute, a New Orleans-based organization that provides individuals, families, and organizations the skills and information necessary for them to fully participate in the decision-making processes that affect them. For his work on behalf of the economic and social rights of New Orleans residents and survivors of Hurricane Katrina across the Gulf Coast, Bradberry was awarded the 2005 Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Award.

Articles by this author

Wednesday, April 20, 2011
A Developing Health Crisis Across the Gulf Coast
NEW ORLEANS - Days after the BP oil disaster began, on Apr. 20, 2010, BP and the U.S. administration pledged that Gulf Coast communities would be made whole. One year later that promise remains unfulfilled: across the Gulf there is a developing health crisis as a result of the oil spill. Our state and federal governments, and BP itself, must demonstrate the will to take actions promised a year ago.
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