Satoko Kishimoto

Satoko Kishimoto is coordinator of the Water Justice Project of the Transnational Institute. She also coordinates the Reclaiming Public Water (RPW) Network that connects activists, trade unionists, researchers, community activists, and public water operators from around the world, and advocates progressive public water reforms and Public-Public Partnerships as the key elements for solving the global crisis in access to clean water and sanitation.

Articles by this author

Wednesday, October 16, 2013
Budapest Water Summit ‘Mirage’ of Participation Hides Same Corporate Interests That Deny Water to Millions
It had been billed as a summit to push for universal access to water, but attending the Budapest Water Summit held last week felt like grasping at a mirage of water in a desert. The slogans and appearance were attractive, but held no prospect of delivering the human right to water for all. Behind the mirage lay the same corporate players and market-driven processes that continue to deny access to the world’s most critical resource to millions of people.
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