Patrick Rafail

Patrick Rafail recently completed his PhD in sociology at the Pennsylvania State University. He will be an assistant professor of sociology at Tulane University beginning in August, 2012. His research on the policing of protest has appeared in Mobilization: An International Quarterly and the Journal of Conflict Resolution.

Articles by this author

Tuesday, May 08, 2012
Media Attention and the Political Impacts of Occupy Wall Street
This May Day brought unprecedented numbers of Americans out in the streets to mark international worker’s day. But in Pittsburgh, one wouldn’t know that a few hundred residents also gathered to protest the corporate behemoths whose buildings dominate the downtown landscape and whose policies have devastated our economy, our local community, and our health. While the local newspaper saw it fit to report on the May Day protests in Madrid, and the broken windows and arrests of activists in other parts of the country, our local event was ignored.
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