Michael Lee-Murphy

Michael Lee-Murphy is a freelance journalist who splits his time between Quebec, New England, and the north of Ireland. He is enthusiastic about local journalism and was previously an editor at the McGill Daily for two years. You can follow him on Twitter

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Friday, May 29, 2015
Ireland's Break with Tradition
The 2014 film Jimmy’s Hall , directed by the British socialist Ken Loach, tells the story of Jimmy Gralton, who in the 1930s led the precursor to the Communist Party of Ireland. Gralton and others gave lectures and held dances at the hall in a poor rural townland — until, at the behest of the local...
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Tuesday, July 09, 2013
Oil and Blood in Lac-Mégantic
Oil and gas flow throughout the Canadian economy like blood through the body, powering the industries which depend on those resources. The blood of oil is pumped through the body of the country by the veins of pipelines, shipping routes, railways and trucking routes. Sometimes these veins tear, and the blood spills.
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