Michael Laxer

Michael Laxer lives in Toronto where he runs a bookstore with his partner Natalie. Michael has a Degree in History from Glendon College of York University. He is a political activist, a two-time former candidate and former election organizer for the NDP, was a socialist candidate for Toronto City Council in 2010 and is on the executive of the newly formed Socialist Party of Ontario.

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Wednesday, August 06, 2014
Aiding and Abetting Austerity: The Social Democratic Rhetoric of Retreat
After the total disaster of the Ontario NDP's "pocketbook populism" provincial 2014 campaign that sought, allegedly, to attract new voters by seeming to try to mimic the tone (if not exactly the content) of Tories (a strategy that was one of the most appalling failures of the inherently elitist...
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