Martha Baskin

Martha Baskin is an environmental reporter, whose work on the subject began with a project for the King Conservation District. Green Acre Radio was born shortly afterward. Her work is currently supported by the Human Links Foundation. She was one of the founding reporters for Pacifica's Free Speech Radio News and has been a contributor to the National Radio Project's Making Contact.

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In the summer, calcite-shedding phytoplankton color much of the Black Sea, as is evident in this Aqua-MODIS image collected on July 15, 2012. (Credit: flickr / cc / NASA/GSFC/MODIS) Views
Tuesday, June 17, 2014
Acid Seas Threaten Creatures That Supply Half the World's Oxygen
What happens when phytoplankton , the (mostly) single-celled organisms that constitute the very foundation of the marine food web, turn toxic? Their toxins often concentrate in the shellfish and many other marine species (from zooplankton to baleen whales) that feed on phytoplankton. Recent...
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