Manlio Masucci

Manlio Masucci is a photo-journalist specialized in international job market and workers' rights. He worked for the main Italian newspapers and press agencies such as Ansa, Messaggero, Manifesto writing from the U.S., Argentina, and India. He is currently employed as a journalist in Cisl, one of the main Italian trade unions and as a consultant at ILO, International Labor Organization. He also works in the communication department of Navdanya International for which coordinated the communication team of the People's Assembly of The Hague.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016
Wallonia Has Shown Us the Way to Stop CETA and TTIP
In just under a week, the citizens of the small Belgian state of Wallonia, who dared to challenge the giants of the global big business world and Brussels by blocking the signing of CETA, have been reigned in to order. Europe and Canada will thus go back to the table for the signing, at least...
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