Liz Barratt-Brown

Liz Barratt-Brown has worked with NRDC’s International Program for the last 15 years. When Liz first came to NRDC, she worked with Canadians to stem acid rain. More recently, she has worked to protect its ancient forests – from the coastal rainforests of British Columbia to the Boreal forest that circles the top of the planet.  Right now she is working on the Alberta tar sands, an area of the boreal forest that is being torn up to produce oil to feed our relentless thirst for our cars, airplanes and trucks.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2012
It's All About the Framing: How Polls and the Media Misrepresent the Keystone XL [Tar Sands] [Oil] Pipeline
First of all, you won’t find tar sands mentioned in any of the polling. And in most polls, you won’t even find oil . It’s just the Keystone XL pipeline, no context, no mention of what it will carry, and certainly no mention of the environmental risks of building a massive pipeline to carry toxic tar sands sludge through the heartland of America to the gulf of Mexico , where it would be exported out of the U.
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