Linda Armitage

Linda Armitage
Linda Armitage is a board member and grassroots leader with Jane Addams Senior Caucus in Chicago. She is on the grassroots team for the campaign for a national Homes Guarantee, a project of People's Action.

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Our vision for a Homes Guarantee is simple: in the wealthiest country in world’s history, we can and we must guarantee that everyone has a home. (Photo: Caelie_Frampton/flickr/cc) Views
Monday, September 16, 2019
We Need a Homes Guarantee. Now
I lost everything during the financial crisis. The government decided that the perpetrators of the crisis were “too big to fail” and bailed them out with our money. I was not bailed out. Today, a decade after the crisis, I’m part of a grassroots-led effort to ensure every person in the United...
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