Leilani Rania Ganser

Leilani Rania Ganser studies colonial violence, interactions between indigenous communities and the military, and gendered violence . She has previously published in a range of outlets including In These Times, The Korean Policy Institute, and the Meridians: feminism, race, and transnationalism journal. She is a Kānaka Maoli and CHamoru woman who works within Portland's diasporic Pacific Islander community.

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 Guam: one of the countless islands of the Pacific used by the United States military as a base. (Photo: VIRGILIO VALENCIA/AFP/Getty Images) Views
Thursday, June 20, 2019
From Galápagos to Guam: US Military Bases are a Threat to Local Communities
This month I got two of the most distressing pieces of news I could imagine. The first was a headline: US to use Galápagos island as a military airfield. The second came from my grandmother: two of our family friends are in the end stages of Agent Orange poisoning. I’m from Guam; one of the...
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