Jeremy Zwang-Weissman

Jeremy Zwang-Weissman is a Los Angeles middle school science and music teacher. He coaches drumline and marathon training after school. He’s a native Angeleno, a product of Los Angeles public schools and a proud member of the United Teachers of Los Angeles.

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Teachers and their supporters rally in downtown Los Angeles, California on the second day of the teachers strike, on Jan. 15, 2019. (Photo: Robyn Beck / AFP - Getty Images) Views
Friday, January 18, 2019
Teachers in Los Angeles are Striking for our Students, Not Ourselves
Virgil Middle School is the place at which I spend more time than my actual home; it is my home-away-from-home. As a middle school science and music teacher, I spend every single weekday there, from about 7:30 am until at least 5:00 pm, almost entirely with my students. I teach science during the...
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