Hugo Marin

Hugo Marin is a professional linguist, specializing in Latin-American Dialectology. They are a regular correspondent for La Jornada Latina in Pittsburgh and is a member of the local chapter of the National Boricua Human Rights Network. Hugo served in the US Military for 2 years but later worked for the liberation of Vieques and is part of Puerto Rico's Nationalist Party, which advocates for the Island's freedom and autonomy from the United States. @infinitelexico

*For information on why "they" is used as a singular pronoun, please see this resource.

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Sunday, February 08, 2015
Why Cuba, and Why Now? One Missing Perspective on the Story
The so-called "thaw" between the United States and Cuba has been celebrated by many on the political Left and Right in the United States, while disdained by those on the far Right. What has been absent from the conversation has been the voice of the Pro-Global South and the Cuban people in Cuba. It...
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