Hanane Karimi

Hanane Karimi is a sociologist and doctorate in sociology at Strasbourg University, the European laboratory of social dynamics. Her thesis is about the ‘agency’ of French Muslim women in the context of ‘new secularism’. She has a Master's degree in Ethics (Centre for Research in Ethics - France). Graduate from the Yale Bioethics Center, she provides training on transcultural medical ethics and on secularism. Hanane Karimi is also a feminist and anti-racist activist.

Articles by this author

Sunday, September 04, 2016
No Liberty, No Equality, No Fraternity: The Death of French Secularism
In Nice, less than a month after the Bastille Day attack on the Promenade des Anglais, which killed 86 people and was claimed by the Islamic State group , something quite odd happened. The city mayor, like mayors in many other towns on the French Riviera, issued an order to ban the wearing of...
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