Gwen Hinze

Gwen Hinze is EFF's International Intellectual Property Director. Gwen is an attorney specializing in international intellectual property policy issues. She works on policy development and legal analysis for EFF's international program, which focuses on educating global policy-makers about the need for balanced intellectual property regimes that protect creators, preserve access to knowledge, foster technological innovation, and empower digital consumers.

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Saturday, February 11, 2012
Fight for an Open Internet: Don’t Let the US Pressure Canada into Repeating The Same Mistakes
In countries across the world, content copyright industries have been lobbying for laws that would break the Internet in the name of copyright enforcement. Such regulations could terminate user access to the Internet on an allegation of copyright infringement, enact website blocking powers that would make parts of the global Internet disappear from view, and impose digital locks laws that stifle online innovation and restrict the ability to use lawfully acquired digital content. Canada is the latest target.
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