Elizabeth Brico

Elizabeth Brico is a writer from the Pacific Northwest who covers life after trauma on her blog, Betty's Battleground. Her writing on mental health, addiction, and other topics can be found on HealthyPlace, Vice, Vox, and The Fix, among others. In her free time she can usually be found reading, writing, or watching speculative fiction.

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People wait in line for the Evergreen Treatment Services methadone clinic to open in Hoquiam, Wash., Thursday, June 15, 2017. Views
Thursday, November 02, 2017
The Cost of Addiction Treatment Keeps Poor People Addicted
I can barely remember the day I learned I was pregnant with my first daughter. Not because I was overwhelmed with emotions, but because I was high on heroin. I had been addicted for five years, and I had been trying to rid myself of that addiction for almost as long. I‘ve lost count of how many...
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