Elizabeth Arnold

Elizabeth Arnold is an electrician by day and activist by night. She lives in Philadelphia and has been organizing with amazing activists from across PA since the Bush-era. Together they are organizing for the long haul. They are starting a campaign house in NE PA where youth can spend their summers learning and working in communities directly impacted by fracking.

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The author interrupted the debate because none of all the candidates "have failed the leadership test" when it comes to fracking in Pennsylvania. (Photo source: Loudfastphilly.com) Views
Wednesday, May 14, 2014
The Death-Cycle of Fracking: Why I Interrupted the Democratic Gubernatorial Debate
I’m not particularly brave, I just feel that there is nothing anyone could do to me worse than what they are doing to our planet and to the families who can no longer live in their homes. When I rushed the stage I held up a list of 1700 families impacted by fracking. The List of the Harmed is...
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