Eileen McCabe

Eileen McCabe is a proud early-elder who writes poetry, knits, makes clothing, preserves food, brews wine and beer, practices herbal medicine and fixes things, but is also a procedural and OO computer programmer by trade. She has followed politics and world events since grade school, participating in election reform, non-violent direct action and labor activism.  leenaree@xmission.com

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"For some of us, we will think back and remember how we used to do things before the ubiquitous presence of plastic, but many of us are young enough that we can’t visualize our lives without plastic encasing everything."(Photo by Laura Lezza/Getty Images) Views
Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Our Throw-Away Society
Mainstream western culture is addicted to the convenience of plastic, to single-use items, cheap electronics of limited lifespan, and excessive packaging that assures us of safety and cleanliness. In the face of horrific images of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and mutilated wildlife, we are...
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