Deena Stryker

Deena Stryker was born in Philadelphia, moved to France as a teenager, became French by marriage, and embarked on a life of questioning that took her to Italy, Cuba, Poland, Hungary, and Holland, with returns to both her native America and France. She worked for the French News Agency in Rome, traveled to Cuba as a free lance journalist, worked in radio in Poland and Hungary, was a speech writer in the Carter administration State Department, wrote features for the United Nations, and worked as a free lance translator specializing in political and diplomatic documents in France. Together with her personal knowledge of life behind the Iron Curtain, studies in systems theory at the University of Massachusetts enabled her to foresee the reunification of Europe as well as the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

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Sunday, July 13, 2014
Summer Signs Confirmed by World Events
As hooligans in Jerusalem shout anti-Arab slogans and threaten individual Arabs, giving rise to the word ‘Zio-fascists’, Israel prepares to invade Gaza yet again, while Kiev shells villages and towns as it prepares to besiege Eastern Ukraine’s two largest cities. The Gaza invasion is clearly an...
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