David Boenke

David Boenke has worked in the school system for 10 years as a support staff and social studies teacher. He is a longtime volunteer labor and racial justice organizer, a core member of Jimmy John's Workers Union, Social Justice Education Movement, and currently with the Incarcerated Organizing Workers Committee. A writer, trainer, and visionary, he lives in North Minneapolis.

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Schools should be community hubs that prepare people for the skills we will need going forward to live through climate change. (Photo: Guy Smallman/Getty Images) Views
Thursday, September 19, 2019
Teachers Should Join the Student Strikes
On September 20th millions of students across the globe are taking a stand with student strikes – demanding action on climate change so they, and our grandchildren may survive and thrive. Now, adults have been called on to join the strikes . We believe educators should be the first to join them...
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