Cynthia Alvarez

Cynthia Alvarez has taught in various California state colleges for the last 21 years. She has been heavily involved with San Francisco Bay Area Occupy groups for the last 10 months and has written website material for some of them. She is concerned that Occupy is beginning to have a negative impact on the overall Progressive movement in the USA

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Monday, September 17, 2012
Progressives Must Move Beyond Occupy
Average citizens evaluate political organizations based on how those organizations actually function. They know a political organization is a microcosm of the society it wishes to create. So after ten months of heavy involvement in Occupy, I have this question for Occupiers: would you honestly want to live in a society that is organized like Occupy and functions like Occupy? Do you want a society that claims to be "leaderless" while its true leaders remain hidden and unelected? Do you want a society with no written rules?
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