Connie Engel

Connie Engel, PhD, Program Coordinator at the Breast Cancer Fund, is an expert on the conjunction of science and advocacy in the environmental breast cancer movement. Her extensive study of social movements, social change, and health psychology provide a cross-disciplinary lens to the Breast Cancer Fund's science-based advocacy efforts. Her work focuses on efforts to translate the science into public education and market- and policy-based change.

Articles by this author

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
Convenience at What Cost?: The Connection Between Chemicals and Breast Cancer
After World War II, the United States experienced a chemical revolution. Stockpiles of chemicals developed to fight the war made their way into everyday commerce. Pesticides radically altered age-old agricultural and pest-control practices. Plastics brought modern conveniences into every kitchen. Synthetic chemicals made their way into our everyday products—from BPA in our food can linings to phthalates in our shampoo to flame retardants in our mattresses. It was better living through chemistry.
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