Chloe Maxmin

Chloe Maxmin is running for Maine House of Representatives in hometown District 88. She became a climate activist at 12, later forming the Climate Action Club in high school and galvanizing a grassroots movement in her community. At Harvard, she co-founded Divest Harvard–a campaign calling on Harvard University to divest from fossil fuels–and led the campaign for two years, during which time Divest Harvard grew from group of 3 into a movement of over 70,000 people. Chloe also founded First Here, Then Everywhere to empower youth climate activists. She has received national and international recognition for her activism, including being named a “Green Hero” by Rolling Stone, receiving the Brower Youth Award, and appearing on Real Time with Bill Maher. She writes for The Nation and other media outlets. For more information, visit and @chloemaxmin.

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Chloe Maxmin (standing, fourth from right) at a volunteer-training event in May 2018. (Photo: Mattea Mrkusic) Views
Friday, November 02, 2018
What a Rural Maine House Race Can Teach the Left
Far from the bright lights of the Bronx, where a fiery star rightfully dazzles the left, there is a trailer at the end of a dirt road in the most rural county in the most rural state in the nation. All the curtains are drawn. I knock on the door. A man emerges from a cloud of cigarette smoke,...
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