Céline Nahory

Céline Nahory is International Coordinator for Peace Boat and the Global Article 9 Campaign. She has worked for ten years with NGOs in the US, Japan and India, carrying out research and running advocacy campaigns on issues of peace, security, disarmament, economic justice and sustainable development.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013
Revision of Japan’s Peace Constitution – A Matter of Global Concern
Prime Minister Abe seems to govern Japan according to the country’s national slogan during the Meiji Era: Fukoku Kyohei or “Enrich the country; Strengthen the army”. Indeed, since his return to power in December 2012, his two priorities have been to redress the country's economy through his so-called Abenomics, as well as "to reclaim Japanese sovereignty" by getting rid of the current constitution, which, in his opinion, fails “to provide a necessary condition for an independent nation”.
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