Amanda Devecka-Rinear

Amanda Devecka-Rinear is the Director of the New Jersey Organizing Project and a fourth-generation Cedar Bonnet Island resident with more than 15 years experience in community organizing and strategic leadership.

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"Being there in the aftermath of Sandy I got a preview of our shared future — the devastating impact of climate disasters on our health, on our finances, and on our families." (Photo: Mark Lennihan) Views
Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Organizing After Disasters – Both Natural and Man-Made
When Superstorm Sandy hit my home in 2012, I was living and working in Washington D.C. I drove up to check on my dad a few days later, and when I saw my community devastated, part of me didn’t leave. That part of me drew me home. My heart simply would not let me walk away from the suffering that I...
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