As You Sow

Jessica Corbett, staff writer
On the night before JPMorgan Chase's annual shareholders meeting, activists with Stop the Money Pipeline projected 30-foot-tall images of people holding protest signs with messages calling on CEO Jamie Dimon to "stop funding fossil fuels" on a wall across from his apartment in New York City.
"Shareholders today sent the message that it is past time for Chase to catch up with its peers, implement a strategy to decarbonize and de-risk its lending portfolio, and help build a more secure future for all."
Lauren McCauley, staff writer
Activists protested after it was made public that ExxonMobil for years deliberately deceived the public about the impact of greenhouse gas emissions. (Photo: Johnny Silvercloud/cc/flickr)
'If Exxon intentionally misled the public about climate change and fossil fuels...
Bryant Harris
ExxonMobil to disclose carbon emissions risk