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War on Terror

As US Clears 3 Detainees for Release, Amnesty Demands Biden Close Gitmo

"President Biden cannot have true credibility advocating for other countries to respect human rights if he does not prioritize closing Guantánamo."

Brett Wilkins, staff writer ·

How the United States Helps To Kill Palestinians

U.S. policy has perpetuated the crisis and atrocities of the Israeli occupation by unconditionally supporting Israel in three distinct ways: militarily, diplomatically and politically.

Medea Benjamin ·

If Biden Is Serious About Ending Forever Wars, the US Needs to End Support for Israel

Cutting military aid to a state that oppresses its Palestinian population would show that the U.S. is serious about human rights.

Imani R Oakley ·

With Afghanistan Withdrawal Underway, New Report Reveals Costs of Post-9/11 Wars for US Allies

"Americans do not fully understand, do not acknowledge, the sacrifices that allies made in Afghanistan," said the report's author.

Jessica Corbett, staff writer ·

Art Against Drones

Bilal, Durant and other artists who help us think about U.S. colonial warfare against the people of Iraq and other nations should surely be thanked.

Kathy Kelly ·

Why the Pentagon Budget Keeps Rising

Joe Biden's first 100 days were a Pentagon prize.

Mandy Smithberger ·

Endless War Is A Feature of Our National Programming

On pulling the plug on the war machine.

William Astore ·

George W. Bush's Finest Piece of War Is a Blood-Stained Iraq

Painting immigrants' faces and laughing on chat shows will not excuse the former U.S. president's blood-stained past.

Nabil Salih ·

Afghan Withdrawal and the Loss of America's Ultimate Drug War

Will the nightmare of Saigon's fall return in Kabul?

Alfred W. McCoy ·

The Apocalypse Must Be Near. I Agree With Henry Kissinger—About Cold War With China

The US is waging an economic, propaganda, and military cold war against China, heightening tensions and increasing the risk of future confrontations. And it's getting worse.

Richard Eskow ·