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War on Terror

The Permanent War Economy

Permanent war has cannibalized the country. It has created a social, political, and economic morass. Each new military debacle is another nail in the coffin of Pax Americana.
Chris Hedges ·

A Promise to Our Kids: We Won't Kill You

Children are massacred, again and again, as the military forces of the world fight and kill, not so much one another, but rather various random swaths of humanity.

Robert C. Koehler ·

'All of These Guys Belong in Prison': CIA Torture Described in Vivid Detail by Psychologist

James Mitchell, one of a pair of psychologists paid $81 million to oversee the CIA's interrogation of suspected terrorists, said detainee Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri "liked" being in a box used to torture him.

Brett Wilkins ·

Putin's Attack on Ukraine Is Hideous and Criminal—But That Doesn't Make Him Insane

Declaring someone irrational leads to a place in which no one wants to negotiate, because, no one wants to talk to crazy people.

Anatol Lieven ·

The Future of Gen Z Journalism Depends on Julian Assange's Freedom

The world's most powerful government will be able to suppress scrutiny and accountability from journalists anywhere in the world if Assange is successfully extradited, tried, and sentenced.

Sam Carliner ·

The US Corporate Media Must Start Asking Tougher Questions About Ukraine

The mainstream media has paid little attention to the on-again off-again
peace talks—or to what an eventual peace deal could look like.

Dan Froomkin ·

The Global Suicide Budget

There's really only one question here, which is: How do we change?

Robert C. Koehler ·

Casualties of America's Never-Ending Global War on Terror

The civilian deaths you haven't heard about.

Nick Turse ·

Two-Plus Decades of 'Othering': Muslims and the War on Terror

Maha Hilal’s "Innocent Until Proven Muslim" lays bare the War on Terror's toll on constitutional rights and marginalized communities.

Anoa J. Changa ·

Humanity: Evolving in Spite of Itself

As long as global order and global security is allegedly maintained with bombs and bullets and bully-swagger—we're hostage to an insanity we seem to have bequeathed ourselves.

Robert C. Koehler ·

American Militarism, a Persistent Malady

Putin changed the subject, but confronting Martin Luther King's "giant triplets" is more urgent than ever.

Andrew Bacevich ·

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