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War on Science

Remembering the Radical Roots of Earth Day

Set in the wider arc of history, Earth Day stands for me as a reminder of the importance of fact-based and community-grounded advocacy for moving the needle on inclusive, just environmental policy and practice.
Johanna Chao Kreilick ·

Government Climate Crisis Response: Deny, Delay, and Do Nothing

When confronted by the overwhelming evidence of climate change, governments that have a major impact on global warming, glide to the Shuffle's delay step.

Joseph Chamie ·

Joni Mitchell Joins Spotify Misinformation Protest

The streaming platform's market value reportedly lost $4 billion this week after Neil Young removed his music.

Julia Conley ·

'Menace to Public Health': 270+ Doctors Denounce Covid Misinformation on Joe Rogan

"Mass-misinformation events of this scale have extraordinarily dangerous ramifications," said the experts of a recent interview with an anti-vaccination doctor on "The Joe Rogan Experience."

Julia Conley ·

Take It From Climate Scientists: "Don't Look Up" Is Damning—But Not Nearly Damning Enough

I come from a team of climate scientists, analysts and advocates. For us, “Don’t Look Up” was both like pulling teeth to watch and air-punchingly validating.

Erika Spanger-Siegfried ·

In 2022, We All Need to Look Up

If Christmas wildfires don't make America act on climate, maybe a hit Hollywood movie will?

Will Bunch ·

Seasonal Insomniacs in Times of Climate Chaos

The science is clear: the crisis is caused by our addiction to fossil fuels, overconsumption, excessive animal meat production, and pollution.

Rivera Sun ·

The Coming Omicron Wave Could Be Deadly for the Unvaccinated Trump Legions

Science doesn’t lie—a true sh*tstorm is on its way, and it’s going to hit red-county Trump voters like the climate change hurricanes just hit Kentucky.

Thom Hartmann ·

Catastrophic Global Disorder Beckons Unless We Act Swiftly on Climate

Without drastic change, the current world order will almost certainly collapse into catastrophic global disorder with dire consequences for all of us.

Alfred W. McCoy ·

Big Oil's Secret Strategy to Keep Winning

The oil and gas industry has refined its techniques to stay a step ahead over decades. And it has no plans to stop anytime soon.

Naomi Oreskes ·

The Sound of Silence: In the Age of Covid, Where Have All the Heroes Gone?

Because Covid-19 is the third leading killer of Black folks in America, silence or worse—acquiescence to mumbo-jumbo uttered by miseducated celebrities on social media—is unconscionable.

Tony Norman ·

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