Thomas Drake

Nika Knight, staff writer
Protesters flooded the international terminal of the airport in Atlanta, Georgia, demanding the release of people detained under President Donald Trump's travel ban.
'We have a constitutional crisis today'
Nika Knight, staff writer
Edward Snowden
'After three years of investigation and millions of dollars, they can present...
Jon Queally, staff writer
Army whistleblower says she was found guilty of a "Conduct Which Threatens"...


Taking a sly cue from their adversaries, anti-surveillance activists from Intelexit, "the world’s first exit program for the intelligence community," used a drone to drop leaflets over an NSA complex in Germany urging employees "in distress (from) their tacit involvement in spying” to quit the dark side. The action was part of a campaign aimed at reminding morally conflicted workers, in the words of whistleblower Thomas Drake, "you have the choice to leave.”