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Why We Should Reject Mark Zuckerberg's Dehumanizing Vision of a "Metaverse"

The deeper implications of this apparent "technology coup" are troubling for the dealing with the looming climate crisis and urgent need to restore the environment.

Tom Valovic ·

Democrats Must Evolve Their Voter Communications Strategy

For Democrats, the problem is larger than just finding the next social media trend. It's about finding better ways to engage consistently with base voters.

Scott Goodstein ·

The FTC Created Facebook—It Has the Power to Take it Down

In addition to vigorously pursuing its antitrust case against the corporation, the FTC also has vast congressionally delegated powers that it can use to prohibit specific corporate conduct and force Facebook to use more publicly acceptable business practices.

Daniel A. Hanley ·

'Organized State Terrorism': Palestinians Condemn New Israeli Surveillance Revelations

"In case there was any doubt, technology powers apartheid."

Brett Wilkins ·

Big Tech Wants to Take the Wheel

If you want to see where things are headed and the risks ahead, just look at the trajectory of the automotive industry as it transitions to the electric and autonomous vehicles likely to dominate the market in the future.

Sarah Roth-Gaudette ·

'Pivotal Moment' as Facebook Ditches 'Dangerous' Facial Recognition System

"We cannot trust governments, law enforcement, or private companies with this kind of invasive surveillance," stressed one digital rights campaigner.

Brett Wilkins ·

Stalking the Messenger: Ending Impunity for Illegal Surveillance

It's thanks to the work of journalists that the crimes of state surveillance were first exposed. Now, they are among those being stalked.

Annie Game ·

'Hands Off,' Varoufakis Tells Zuckerberg After Facebook Steals 'Meta' Name From Anti-Capitalist Think Tank

"You, and your minions, wouldn't recognize civilization even if it hit you with a bargepole," said the former Greek finance minister, slamming Facebook's CEO for the social media giant's new name.

Jessica Corbett ·

'Don't Be Fooled': Critics of Facebook Say Name Change Can't Hide Company's Harm

"Changing their name doesn't change reality: Facebook is destroying our democracy and is the world's leading peddler of disinformation and hate."

Brett Wilkins ·

The Facebook Papers Spur More Calls to 'Break Them Up!'

Other critics are demanding a "full, independent, outside investigation" of the tech titan as whistleblower Frances Haugen testifies to the U.K. Parliament.

Jessica Corbett ·

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