Progressive Democrats of America

Andrea Germanos, staff writer
Members of the Sunrise Movement hubs from all across New York state gathered for a raucous rally on August 13, 2019 outside of the DNC headquarters on 420 Lexington Avenue in New York City to pressure the N.Y. members of the DNC to vote for a climate debate when the DNC gathers in San Francisco on August 22-24.
"Only a climate-specific debate will show whether the candidates are climate ready or not."
Jake Johnson, staff writer
"It doesn't seem too much to ask that the candidates, who have months and...
Jessica Corbett, staff writer
rally sign
"Sen. Sanders is the people's champion we need in the White House, and I'm...


Longtime activist and rabble-rouser Tim Carpenter, who founded the Progressive Democrats of America and worked with social advocacy movements for progressive legislation, has died of cancer at 55. Rep. James McGovern, one of his Congressional partners, praised him as "a passionate fighter for peace and justice and all causes that are good. He was a remarkable person with a spine of steel and heart of gold.”